Bullet TimeTabler Education

Bullet TimeTabler Education

Optimized Timetable Generation:

Bullet TimeTabler Education automatically generates timetabling solutions. This user-friendly timetabling software fully meets the timetable generation needs of any Educational Institution.

It combines and optimizes several objectives according to the interests of the Institution, optimizing timetables for academic staff, students and automatically allocates classrooms.

Productivity gains with Bullet TimeTabler Education:

On the chart below, we can verify the productivity gains when generating automatic timetables in one of the institutions where Bullet Timetabler was implemented. These results also represent the gains obtained by other institutions after the implementation of our solution.

  1 - Elaboration of School Timetables 2 - Changes, adjustments or corrections 3 - Management of all spaces and events 4 - Publication/Release of timetables and changes
Before BTT
55 H 18 H 75 H 15 H
After BTT
10 H 6 H 30 H 2 H


  • Automatically generates lessons with different durations throughout the academic period;
  • Customization of specific time constraints for academic staff, groups, lessons, classrooms and modules;
  • Timetable solution tailored to all objectives and rules of the Institution, with further optimization;
  • Prioritisation of each objective when generating and optimizing processes;
  • Quickly obtains efficient solutions for further optimizations.


  • Superior productivity gains: Bullet TimeTabler solves a week or month-long task in a few minutes;
  • Dramatic reduction of resources: Great savings ranging from human resources, printing costs to communication charges;
  • Optimized employee allocation: Timetabling team can be assigned to more productive tasks optimizing your organization performance;
  • Increase motivation and satisfaction for both students and academic staff;
  • Elimination of frequent errors: avoid typical errors such as clashes in resource allocation.


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