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Optimized Timetable Generation:
Bullet TimeTabler Education

Bullet TimeTabler Education is an innovative software application that automatically generates timetable solutions specially targeted for a Faculty, College or University.

This user friendly scheduling software fully meets the schedule generation needs of any Education Institution.

It combines and optimizes several objectives in accordance with the interests of the Institution, optimizing schedules for teachers, students and classroom allocation.


  • Extraordinary productivity gains: Bullet TimeTabler solves a week or month-long task in a few minutes;
  • Drastic reduction of resources: timetabling team can be assigned to more productive tasks;
  • Increased students’ and teachers’ motivation and satisfaction: optimized timetables guaranteed;
  • Elimination of frequent errors: avoid typical errors such as overlapping of resources;
  • Efficient daily management of timetables, events and resources through support decision tools.

Productivity gains with Bullet TimeTabler Education

To get an idea of the productivity gains allowed by the use of BTTE, see an example of the change on the process concerning the school timetables in an Institution that is Bullet Solutions’s client.

The following table presents:

  • In the first column, all the tasks related with the timetables’ elaboration process;
  • In the second column, the total of hours dedicated to each process before the implementation of BTTE at the Institution;
  • In the third column, the estimate of time required for each process after the implementation of BTTE;
  • The last column presents the productivity gain allowed by the use of BTTE in each task.
Tasks Process length
before BTTE (h)
Process length
after BTTE (h)
gain (%)
Elaboration of School Timetables 55 10 450
Changes, adjustments or corrections 18 6 200
Management of all spaces and events 75 30 150
Publication/Release of timetables and changes 15 2 650
TOTAL 163 48 240

In this case, there were resource savings estimated at about 115 hours (average per month). This significant reduction in the length of the processes represents a productivity gain of 240%, reducing the duration of proceedings in three or four times. The productivity gains are generally similar in the Education Institutions.

Bullet TimeTabler Education features

  • Generate timetables at any time of the year;
  • Automatic generation of subjects with different lengths over the academic period;
  • Quickly obtain an efficient solution and further optimization;
  • Data entering process adapted to the reality of the Higher Educational Institutions;
  • Quick help, full manual and technical help;
  • Customization of specific time constraints for teachers, classes, classrooms and subjects;
  • Importance weights for each objective in the generation and optimization processes;
  • Timetable solutions that respect all the constraints, with later optimization;
  • Edit timetables by teacher, classroom, subject, class and course;
  • View all the possibilities and limitations of changing a specific event;
  • Fast web publishing of schedules or automatically through email.

At your Institution a lot of time is lost preparing the timetables of the teachers and the classes? Many Institutions already have Bullet Timetabler Education. Contact our company for more information.


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