European University - Laureate International Universities

Lisbon, Portugal

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Sérgio Marques - Information System Manager

“We implemented Bullet Software this year in Portugal and it was a success. Bullet with SS and IT Team was able to implement the system in Portugal in record time of 3 months.

The application is supporting the management of campuses QBN, SANTOS and LISPOLIS, expecting next semester including also Porto.

This year with a new campus, the IT and SS departments testify the software was critical on the timetables creation and on its management.”

Bullet Solutions Testimonials University of Porto - Faculty of Engineering

“BEST brought a new dynamic to the process of generation and management of timetables”.

A Video Testimonial of the Information Manager of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP)

Loyola University Andalusia

Córdoba, Spain

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Francisco José Martínez Estudillo - Vice-Dean for Academic Coordination

“The timetabling software developed by Bullet Solutions was used with great success in the scheduling of all the academic activity of Universidad Loyola Andalucía.

We are encouraging Bullet Solutions to further develop your product with our suggestions to give it more versatility and performance, although there are already excellent.”

National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia

Barcelona, Spain

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Eduard Inglés Yuba - Sub-Director of Academic Planning

“The implementation of the software allowed a qualitative leap both in the generation and visualization of the University’s timetables.

The different courses offered by the University have very diverse physical spaces allocation requirements, combining theoretical and practical classes. With Bullet Solutions’ tools our weekly organization became much easier, minimizing clashes and errors.

We hope to continue to explore to the maximum the potential of the service and continue to enhance our organization and planning.”

Higher School of Communication and Media Studies - Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

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João Carlos V. Ferreira do Rosário - Assistant Professor

“With its short learning curve, Bullet Education Scheduling and Timetabling (BEST) allowed us to manage timetables, courses, professors and classrooms in an efficient way.

Timetables and other logistic aspects of the schools activities where quickly performed, at the right time.

Additionally, Bullet Solutions’ technical support is always available, helping to solve any challenges that users may face with BEST.”

School of Economics and Management - University of Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

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Carlos Ribeiro Silva - Chairman of the Pedagogical Council

“Bullet Timetabler Education is an excellent software for its intended purpose: to construct timetables for Universities. The obtained results are adequate and the reaction of both, teachers and students is very favorable.

The required effort to construct timetables is significantly relieved thanks to the use of this IT product.

It is also worth mentioning the total availability and the high competency of Bullet Solutions staff, and their willingness to advise on the best procedures and to solve certain problems. Bullet Solutions’ team deserves to be congratulated.”

Catholic University of Portugal

Porto, Portugal

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Teresa Lopes - Academic Director

“Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Porto has implemented the solution of timetabling generation from Bullet Solutions for several years now, having established a partnership for specific developments and improvements on the software.

Bullet Solutions has always shown total willingness to analyze our requirements and performed the necessary changes on the software in order to meet our needs.

Timetabling generation is nowadays used, by most Academic Units at Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Porto, having enabled us to optimize the available resources.”

Faculty of Science and Technology - University of Coimbra

Coimbra, Portugal

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João Barreto - Coordinator of the Educational Commission

“All processes went as planned: the data insertion, the data generation and the optimization of the timetables.

The success of the results was due to the reliability of the tool, to our pre-planning information and to the explicit software manual.”

Faculty of Economics - University of Coimbra

Coimbra, Portugal

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Head of Educational Support Office

“We would like to express our appreciation for the timetabling software developed by Bullet Solutions.

We would like also to show appreciation for the attention, efficiency and speed in customer service, which answered to all our requests.”

Faculty of Economics - University of Porto

Porto, Portugal

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Alice Queirós - Head of the Section of Support to the Education and Research

“It is with great pleasure, we express our satisfaction with the timetabling software created by Bullet Solutions.

Developed in an excellent way, Bullet TimeTabler Education enables the automatic generation of timetables, improving resource management in an exemplary manner.

We thank Bullet Solutions team for their total availability in providing prompt technical support.”

Faculty of Human Kinetics - University of Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

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Anna Volossovitch - Assistant Professor

“The preparation of timetables is a task that traditionally leads to many issues because of the need to combine various constraints, such as: the high number of classes given the spaces available, classes that require spaces with specific features and personal and professional constraints.

The software Bullet Timetabler Education, allows the insertion of detailed information that should be considered in the construction of timetables, enabling to find an optimized solution that addresses in detail the data entered.

It should also be noted the great simplicity in the implementation from the user standpoint and its consistency, enhanced by the exemplary technical support offered by Bullet Solutions team.”

School of Education - Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

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Laurence Vohlgemuth - Vice Chairman of Board

“Bullet Timetabler Education is a software program capable of generating very complex timetables to meet the flexibility demands resulted from the Bologna process.

This software is fully complemented by Bullet Calendar, which integrates the annual dimension of school activities.

It is worth noting the availability and effectiveness of the technical support team, always available in person, by phone and e-mail, ready to solve all the problems that appeared during the process.”

Faculty of Pharmacy - University of Porto

Porto, Portugal

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Maria Emília Sousa - Council Member

“Bullet TimeTabler Education leads to a rapid solution timetabling, enabling an efficient management of spaces and time.

It includes numerous features inherent to the needs/limitations of various Educational Institutions and enables, subsequently, editing the generated timetables in a manual and guided manner.

We would like to thank Bullet Solutions team for their full availability and prompt technical support, training, problem solving skills and their constant concern to improve the layout and functionality of the software in a customized way for the Institution.”

Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences - University of Coimbra

Coimbra, Portugal

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Maria de Lourdes Mateus and Maria Elisa Pratas - Heads of Timetabling Committee

“We would like to thank the whole Bullet Solutions team for the competence and professionalism demonstrated during the acquisition process and after-sales support of Bullet TimeTabler Education.

The solution has proved to be a useful, appropriate and an effective tool for the current challenges faced by Educational Institutions. The software efficiently reconciles all the necessary information for the proper functioning of the Institutions, maximizing efforts, resources and time.”

Faculty of Science - University of Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

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Faculty of Science Department

“FCUL is thankful for the commitment and total availability of Bullet Solutions team.

We would like to express our gratitude for the whole team. The implementation of Bullet TimeTabler Education as a support tool has lead to an increased efficiency in the management of the academic staff timetables and in the performance of the lessons.

The flexibility in the automatic timetable generation will allow Bullet TimeTabler Education to play a key role in the planning of FCUL school activities.”

Faculty of Pharmacy - University of Coimbra

Coimbra, Portugal

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Maria da Graça Campos - President of the Educational Council

“More than ever, it is necessary to optimize resources and monetize the time assigned to each task.

Bullet Timetabler Education is a piece of software that, in addition to the effectiveness in implementing solutions in the generation of school timetables, maximizing the time of the involved stakeholders and the space occupation, it also provides a range of solutions that can be tailored to the modus operandi of the Institution itself.

The technical support, remote and physical, has allowed the resolution of problems within a short time period, given the availability and professionalism of Bullet Solutions staff. Until today all problems that arose were solved. Thus, all the IT development for new versions and free updates assumes special importance in the contract we signed and has allowed us access to improvements in the software which enabled to enhance our user experience.

We have recommended it to other Institutions, given the ease of handling and the quality of the results.”

School of Sports - Polytechnic Institute of Santarém

Rio Maior, Portugal

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Alexandre Santos - Head of the Timetables Commission

“We would like to highlight not only the robustness of the software, but also the competence of the company’s support team to solve any problem.

The tedious and complex task of generating timetables in our Educational Institution, with very specific features and constraints, is currently regarded as a much simpler process.

Additionally, it simultaneously enables us to obtain a high potential informational that helps not only the students but also the teachers, the staff and the management.”

School of Technology and Management of Oliveira do Hospital - Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra

Coimbra, Portugal

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Antonio Paulino - Head of Computer Services

“Bullet TimeTabler Education enabled us to quickly generate timetables, solving easily several problems common to teachers over several courses and the issue of matching timetables of classrooms/classes/teachers which use to take us several hours before.

This was complemented with the availability of its after-sales support, always willing to assist in resolving issues that arose throughout the process, as well as the addition of new features to improve the performance and usability of the software.”

University Institute of Psychological, Social and Life Sciences

Lisbon, Portugal

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José João Amoreira - General Secretary

“ISPA – Instituto Universitário acknowledges the valuable contribution of the solutions from Bullet Solutions for the development of efficient academic operations, emphasizing, in particular, the role of Bullet TimeTabler Education in optimizing the process of managing the academic resources.”

Polytechnic Higher Institute of Gaya

Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

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Justino Lourenço and Nelson Castro Neves - Director's Office

“After the implementation of various products to address the timetabling process, Bullet TimeTabler product is by far the most powerful, that could find optimized solutions in a very short period of time.

Certainly is the only product able to actually solve a problem of this complexity.”

Coimbra Business School - Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra

Coimbra, Portugal

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Sónia Rito - Professor

“The timetabling generation in Educational Institution is not an easy task, given the need to manage several restrictions in terms of teachers, classes and classrooms.

However, with Bullet TimeTabler Education all this process has been simplified and and you can get a much faster and more effective optimized solution that appeals to all parties.

In addition to a weighted optimization taking into account several relevant factors, the software also enables, at a later stage, a manual management which is important for editing specific changes. It is also important to highlight the possibility of exporting timetables to HTML, allowing the rapid dissemination of these to the entire academic community.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning the prompt availability and the responsiveness of Bullet Solutions team throughout the training and technical support, either in person, by phone or email.”

Artistic Professional School of Alto Minho

Viana do Castelo, Portugal

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Rui Paulo Sousa - Professor

“We can speak of a before and after in EPMVC with regard to the preparation of timetables, from the moment we started using the tools developed by Bullet Solutions, in particular, Bullet TimeTabler and Bullet Calendar.

Virtually all situations and complexities inherent to the organization of timetables for a Professional School of Music are covered in this timetabling generation software, which, coupled with the enormous professionalism and efficiency demonstrated by Bullet Solutions team in resolving any problems encountered, led to an increased efficiency on the timetabling process management and on the optimization of human resources.”

Faculty of Engineering - University of Porto

Porto, Portugal

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José Rui Ferreira - Head of Timetabling Committee

“Bullet TimeTabler Education was developed excellently and enables the automatic generation of timetables, quickly and substantially improving resource management.

My experience as a member and as head of the DEEC Commission of Timetables allows me to evaluate the benefits obtained with Bullet TimeTabler Education.

We enhance the responsibility and the responsiveness of Bullet Solutions’ technical support team. Their openness to receive proposals for altering and customizing the software is another of their virtues.”

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