If there is something that I was able to learn through the course of the last 11 years is that the manual process of Scheduling and Timetabling in Higher Education Institutions is the source of huge amounts of fatigue and emotional exhaustion for the people responsible for this process and, on a different level, it becomes impossible to analyze and interpret valuable data that results from such processes.

By automating the scheduling and timetabling processes, in addition to the gains related to the work organization and methodology, the timetablers are able to work with much more comfort and safety, allowing a comprehensive view of what is happening throughout the whole University.

Besides the added value in terms of operational management, these scheduling and timetabling solutions provide a huge assistance in the diagnosis and control of critical factors which directly contribute to a good performance, leading to a more competitive Institution and providing more agility in the decision-making processes.

Bullet Solutions - Automated timetabling is much more than a problem solver
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Critical factors such as, the curricular offer; the number of vacancies; the profitability of physical spaces; the costs with the academic staff distribution; among many others, can easily be analyzed and interpreted, supporting decision makers with their strategic decision making.

Most of the times, the timetabling processes are built in a specific way and things are made in a certain way, not because it’s the best way to do it but because it’s the only humanly possible way to deal with such big problems and complex processes.

Bullet Solutions - Automated timetabling is much more than a problem solver

Once you have a software solution to support the generation and management of a University timetables, you are facing an opportunity to rethink processes and approaches to the problem since you now have a new “ally” with a huge processing capacity and control of the complexity that timetablers face every day.

The goal here is not to adapt the University reality to a software but rather to understand that with the implementation of these solutions you’ll have a broader vision that will allow you to drastically improve the operational management of your Institution.