After several months of hard work in Spain, where dozens of live demos were made, last September was a particularly important month for the work we are developing in our neighbor country.

Antonio Semelhe - Internacional Busisness Developer

Bullet Solutions had the opportunity to sponsor an Education event – CRUE Consejo de Rectores de las Universidades Españolas – in which we were able to present our timetabling solutions to 15 Spanish Universities at once.
We are of course very proud of the feedback we are receiving from Universities all over Spain and we are certain that the future is bright with these Universities. Spain will surely have a major role in our success.
Until the end of the year we will have a solid list of clients and we believe that these new customers will certainly be the best references we can have to conquer as much market as possible.
Finally, we really are “leading the scheduling and timetabling evolution” and we are proving it, every day, and most important our clients are the living proof of this evolution!

António Semelhe,

Bullet Solutions | International Business Developer

Tip & Tools: Assigning preferential and alternative groups of classrooms 

Classroom Allocator

Did you know that BEST allows to define groups of possible classrooms from which the generator will choose the best possible?

For each module, define the classrooms that are preferred and the alternatives that will only be used if there are no more desired free spaces. The application will not only choose a classroom where the students will always fit, but also optimize the classroom allocation for  the whole institution.

Furthermore, for each weekload and section (that can have different student groups and professors associated to them) you can assign different groups of preferential and alternative classrooms.

This allows a great level of customization, making it possible to guarantee that certain classes will always occur in certain classrooms or that a certain professor will always be lecturing in a certain classroom, for example.

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Next International Event: SIMO Educación – Madrid