In these modern times, higher education is exposed to fast paced changes which requires fast adaptation to new demands.

It is crucial to understand that the increase in curricular offering, that students are now able to choose from, means that Higher Education Institutions have the need to be more flexible, resulting in an increase with the logistical difficulties that Universities have to deal with.

Insert here all the responsibilities and the involved tasks that you need to handle day by day to manage your University properly.

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Take a deep breath… and think about it: clusters of academic fields, whole academic units, lead the entire academic staff, reports to the president or chancellor, and so on.

How many times you and – in the best scenario – your team, almost collapse trying to get the most suitable timetabling scheduling solution for your students or teachers? How much time do you spend running between classrooms or around the campus to see if there are any available classrooms because a new course just pop-up?

Does this sounds familiar to you? Is this your lifetime story? Probably this is turning every academic year into a constant nightmare.

We understand. Now, exhale.

Bullet Solutions - Bringing evolution into the Modern Higher Education

Maybe through all this time of constant work, you’ve never considered the possibility that one software tool can make a huge difference to manage all of this complex workload. Just imagine it… To solve all your highly complex and time consuming scheduling and timetabling problems for the entire faculty, which means to solve a problem for the entire academic staff, students, classrooms and other resources in an intelligent and automated way.

This is the incredible range of advantages that technology can offer to your University: a fully optimized University timetable; a fully optimized exam schedule plan; allocate the best classrooms for each one of the events; provide up-to-date data of the events occurring on the University; graphical presentation of the key metrics; schedules in real-time; classroom reservations; see when and where all classes and events are taking place.

We know. It’s like your dream break into reality.

This quick reminder serves to highlight that timetabling solutions, when used as they are meant to, can add an outstanding value, quickly becoming a crucial tool for the operational and strategic management of a University.


Both the World and Education are changing in ways that are very difficult to predict. For this reason it is very important to embrace the contribution that the IT is able to bring to the generation and management of schedules and timetables as well as the enormous value that it can bring to Higher Education Institutions.