Automatic staff scheduling

Automatic Staff Scheduling

Staff automatically scheduled according to the Organization’s needs.

Through an advanced set of intelligent algorithms, this feature schedules the staff from different departments in an automatic and optimized manner, complying with resource availability and the variable demand throughout the day, week or month.

Automatic Balancing of Compensatory Time

Employees’ compensatory time managed automatically.

This feature allows automatic balancing of compensatory time, by allocating work accordingly in each scheduling period. It also allows manual adjustments and balancing when needed

Automatic balancing of compensatory time
Intelligent daily management

Intelligent Daily Management

A centralized calendar that allows you to see when and where all staff is allocated.

This feature is boosted by an intelligent Decision Support System that guides you through the day-to-day changes, such as shift swap between employees or the quick replacement of an absent member of the workforce.

Detailed Performance Reporting

A diagnostic reporting tool to support management decisions.

Easy to read real-time graphical presentation of the key metrics of your Organization, enabling a quick overview of relevant information on the overall performance. Includes all relevant information that decision makers need to reduce operational costs and increase revenue.

Detailed performance reporting
Staff Interaction

Staff Interaction

Web portal for real-time access to schedules and shifts information.

Allow both staff and managers to access schedules in real-time and log occurrences, perform shift swap requests, among many other operations.

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