After a lot of hard work over the last months to evolve Bullet Solutions into a global company, we are now even closer to accomplish our vision as we enter in new international markets.

The timetabling and scheduling processes

We are very proud to welcome to the Bullet Solutions’ family the UNITAR International University (Malaysia), Universidad Dominicana O&M (Dominican Republic), Universidad de Córdoba, Universidad Loyola, Universidad de Alcalá and Institut Nacional d’Educació Física de Catalunya (Spain), Nova School of Business and Economics (Portugal), Universidad de Santiago de Chile (Chile) and Polimoda (Italy)!

We are sure that the timetabling and scheduling processes of our new clients will be dramatically optimized, strongly impacting their success.

Despite having already entered into four new international markets, until the end of the year Bullet Solutions will surely cooperate with more worldwide references, confirming that we are, in fact, “leading the scheduling and timetabling evolution”.

Luis Moreira,

Bullet Solutions | Board Member and Sales Manager

Tip & Tools: Searching for available classrooms 

Here is your Education Timetabling Solution

Did you know that BEST allows to search for available classrooms?
Choose the weeks, days, start hour and end hour for which you want a free classroom and the application will instantly present you a list of possible solutions.
Furthermore, you can choose in which building you want to find a free classroom and the characteristics it must have (these are defined by the user, allowing a great level of customization).
Advanced tip: Create “Groups of Classrooms” to aggregate some classrooms, allowing to search for solutions only within that group.

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