Bullet Solutions embraced a huge change from within. A new face, a new home, a new vision supported by the same values.

A new Bullet Solutions

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After several months of work, we are very proud to share with everyone a new Bullet Solutions. Changes were needed. Today, Bullet Solutions is a global company and I believe that the new corporate image, slogan and website represent that evolution. It was an amazing work from our Marketing team.

But there are also some changes that are not immediately visible from the outside. In the last couple of months, the Customer Success department was redesigned to work side by side with our clients and partners in a much more proactive way.

The Engineering team is working on a totally revamped product for the Education sector. We are not just saying that we are “leading the scheduling and timetabling evolution”. We are proving it! The Sales team is finalizing the strategic plans for entering in 4 new international markets that will be the key to accomplish our vision.

We are evolving every day. I challenge our customers, partners, investors and friends to continue this journey with us.

Pedro Fernandes,

Bullet Solutions | CEO

Tips and tools: Setting Academic Staff Members time constraints and Preferences

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Did you know that Bullet Solutions’ automatic scheduling generator accommodates for Academic Staff Members´ preferences and restrictions, guaranteeing optimum classes placement regarding their time constraints?

For each Academic Staff Member, you can define not only which time slots (days and even specific hours of the day) classes should never be allocated, but also assign different levels of preference within the possible time slots. The application will always optimize the schedules of all of the Academic Staff Members taking into account all of their preferences.

Furthermore, you can assign preferential classrooms for each Academic Staff Member, or even assign a specific classroom.

Setting a maximum limit of daily hours of classes, minimizing gaps in the schedules or setting priority between Academic Staff Members are just some other objectives that allow you to generate highly optimized schedules for the Academic Staff Members according everyone’s needs and preferences.

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