Bullet Solutions is not only a supplier of a highly powerful generator of optimized schedules

Implementing a software that will allow to achieve scheduling solutions in an extremely fast, error free and optimized way, means a significant change in the institution, namely in the efficiency of dealing with logistical problems.

Bullet Solutions’ team has highly trained and experienced professionals from different fields such as computing sciences, engineering, logistics and economics that make it possible to offer extremely diverse and specialized consultancy services. Furthermore, some members even have previous professional experience in higher education institutions, having worked both as lecturers and as managers of school services.

More than proving consultancy and support, Bullet Solutions has a Customer Success department that will proactively contact and help the customer to use the applications to the maximum potential. Bullet Solutions Customer Success team will make his own goal to assure not only that each and every implementation project goes smoothly with no problems, but also that the customer has created the most efficient and fast scheduling process possible.

Services provided by the department

Customer Success Consultancy


The first step of an implementation process always comprises one or more meetings in which Bullet Solutions intends not only to understand the scheduling process, but also suggests improvements on the process. In this stage the main stakeholders (process leader, main timetablers, IT manager) are identified to start dividing the tasks and beginning to outline a process.

Customer Success Installation


The installation will be performed in a machine properly prepared and accessible to Bullet Solutions’ team. Bullet Solutions technical team is available to help the customer’s IT team and to answer any questions, as well as advise the best technological practices.

Import support and validation of data

Import support and validation of data

The data to import should be organized in the specific structure and format accepted by the applications (XLS or XML).

Bullet Solutions’ team will provide clarifications about the format in which the data must be structured, validating the importation files and advising the customer in the most important steps.

Training and on-job training

Training and on-job training

Bullet Solutions will provide 4 training sessions to the group of users:

  • General training: about the application and its operating mode.

  • Specific training: already with the customer’s data loaded.

  • On-job training: assistance during the first generation of schedules.

  • Specific training: already with the generated schedules imported.

Continuous Support

Continuous Support

Throughout the year, the customer will be able to benefit from a current support line that will allow the customer to clarify any doubts.

Continuous Business Review

Continuous Business Review

One of the key aspects of the Customer Success department is to assess the customers’ experience in using the applications. Additionally, Bullet Solutions is always very interested in hearing suggestions for improvement that will allow evolving the products in the best possible way.

In that sense, the Continuous Business Review (CBR) is a tool Bullet Solutions uses to gather feedback from users, consisting of a questionnaire in a conversation format.

On one hand, customers are asked to evaluate some aspects of the application on a satisfaction scale, and on the other hand they have the opportunity to suggest improvements. That way, the development team is able to collect quantitative and qualitative data that is a valuable input to the evolution of the products and services.

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