Today we celebrate Bullet Solutions’ 10th anniversary. As a founder member and its Chairman since Day 1, I have been asked to write a few words about this journey.

First, I thought “this will be the easiest task of my life”. After all, I live and breathe Bullet Solutions 24/7. Then, after several false starts, I did not feel as confident. Why? I had the urge to write a “few pages” not merely a “few words”.

I wanted to talk about how hard it was to build a company having had no previous work experience, limited senior coaching and an operational team where the oldest member was 26 years old, me.

I wanted to talk about our many mistakes, drawbacks, enlightening moments and achievements; about leadership and strategy; about those times when I thought we would not make it and, yes, those occasions when I felt that we were fabulous and unstoppable!

I wanted to talk about friendship, true commitment, honesty, the endless days and nights of pumping adrenaline and some nervousness before an important event.

I wanted to talk about how we challenged ourselves to create something new and really innovative, how we grew, how we persuaded our customers, partners and investors that we are a company in which they can trust.

I wanted to talk about the present and the future, about our internationalization process that is advancing at full speed, our new office space and our team which almost doubled this year. I also wanted to talk about the next big round of Venture Capital investment that is planned for 2016.

I wanted to talk about all of the above and much more because they belong to our history and all were important at a given moment. Notwithstanding this, I needed to talk about the people at Bullet Solutions.

My brother and a couple of long standing friends from University are also founder members of Bullet Solutions – they are vital members of our management and operational teams. These Bullet Solutions’ dinosaurs are the heart of the company and it is an honor to work with them. We have different personalities and skill sets and after many years of daily coexistence, of course, we have had some (very) tough moments together. Nevertheless, the things that we have created are amazing (true synergies) and the pleasure of sharing the many triumphs with them is priceless.

Our country has increasingly faced economic instability over the last few years… This did not detract us! We spent months preparing a new Business Plan. Just as in our early days, we have again worked long hours. This has had a toll on our families and our health. Together we have stretched our limits, yet we have come through stronger. This is our success secret. I believe thatthis mixture of friendship, mutual help, respect, trust, belief and honesty was the magic ingredient for the final outcome. We presented our Plan to a group of Venture Capital investors and after a few months, the contracts were signed. They said the project was great, but more importantly for their investment they believed in our team. I agree with them!

We are ready. We will never give up.

We are here to serve you – our customers.

To our many friends, we reciprocate your continued support.

This is who we are. This is Bullet Solutions!

Pedro Fernandes
(Chairman and CEO)