Automated Scheduling and Timetabling

An advanced feature that automatically generates fully optimized timetables for your University.

It combines and evaluates several objectives and constraints according to the goals of the University, optimizing timetables for academic staff, students and classrooms.

Event and Resource Management

A centralized calendar that allows you to see when and where all classes and events are taking place.

This feature is boosted by an intelligent Decision Support System that guides you through the daily changes of your Higher Education Institution’s activities and resources.

Eventes and Resources Manager with Decision Support

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Automatic Exam Scheduling

Automated Exam Scheduling

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An advanced feature that automatically generates a fully optimized exam schedule plan for your University.

It combines and complies with several exam scheduling objectives and rules, according to the goals of the University, deciding the best date, time, classroom and academic staff for each exam.

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Students, Teachers and Staff

Automated Classroom Allocation

Automatically allocate the best classrooms for each one of the events.

Through an advanced set of intelligent algorithms this feature allocates, in an automated and optimized manner, the classrooms to the scheduled events, according to the required room characteristics and the goals of each Higher Education Institution.

Automatic and Optimized Classroom Allocator

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Real time Information Display

Real-time Information Display

Real-time digital signage for all University.

A useful feature that displays relevant information to the academia, by providing up-to-date data of the events occurring on the University. The different information areas allow to easily visualize events, activities, reminders, news, announcements and much more.

Key Performance Indicators Dashboard

A diagnostic reporting tool to support management decisions.

Easy to read real-time graphical presentation of the key metrics of your Higher Education Institution, enabling a quick overview of the information that decision makers need to reduce operational costs and increase revenue.

Bullet Education Scheduling and Timetabling
Interactive Academic Web Portal

Academia Interaction

Academic web portal for real-time access to timetable schedules and classes information.

Allow both students and academic staff to access their schedules in real-time or log summaries, make classroom reservations, perform requests for classroom changes and necessary material, among many other operations.

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