With the year almost over, this is classically the time to sum-up the major achievements and share the main vision for the year to come. Although I do not intend to perform such a broad and detailed attempt here, I would like to highlight some important milestones.

Pedro Fernandes - Bullet Solutions 2017

Bullet Solutions’ 11th year of activity (2016) was filled with huge changes: we moved to new offices, hired new collaborators, conceived a new corporate image, approached new international markets (we are currently active in more than 20 worldwide), created new internal processes and started working with cutting edge technologies. It was, without a doubt, the most intense year of our history. We are very proud of what we accomplished together.

We look forward to 2017 with great ambition. We still have a lot to conquer. We will work even closer with our customers and partners, to continue evolving side by side with them. We will release the new version of the Bullet Education Scheduling and Timetabling software, completely reconstructed with the latest available technologies and new features. We will move into new markets with the United States of America as our lead target for early 2017. We will keep Leading the Scheduling and Timetabling Evolution.

Enjoy the holiday break and may you have a great 2017!

Pedro Fernandes,

Bullet Solutions | Chairman and CEO