“I am absolutely honored and thrilled to be joining the board of directors at Bullet Solutions.

Scott Sorochak | Bullet Solutions Board Advisor

I have been working with the senior team and company for over 6 months now and have seen incredible growth across all facets of their business.  As the leading global provider of Scheduling and Timetabling solutions for Universities, they have amassed an enormous customer base in over 20+ countries and we plan to further accelerate and fuel that growth throughout 2017 and beyond”.

Scott Sorochak,

Bullet Solutions | Board Advisor

Tip & Tools: Defining minimum travel time between buildings

Tip & Tool: Defining minimum travel time between buildings

Did you know that BEST allows to define the minimum travel time between different buildings?
By knowing how long it takes to travel from one building to another, the application will guarantee that the student groups and the academic staff members always have time to travel between classrooms.
This restriction allows for huge improvements in space optimization in large campus, prevents delays in the beginning of classes, and makes the most of a school’s infrastructures.


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Bullet Solutions’ New Service: Customer Success 

Bullet Solutions' New Service: Customer Success

Bullet Solutions Customer Success team will make his own goal to assure not only that each and every implementation project goes smoothly with no problems, but also that the customer has created the most efficient and fast scheduling process possible.