Bullet Solutions was founded with a very clear purpose: bridge the gap between theory and practice in scheduling and timetabling problems.

The main challenge was achieving the right balance between the scientific research and solving market’s real scenarios. Since the very beginning, Bullet Solutions’ research was always focused on real cases, real problems and real solutions.

The automatic creation of timetables for Educational Institutions is one of the most studied problems by the scientific community. Over the last 50 years, hundreds of studies have been published, with many different formulations of the problem and techniques to solve them. However, almost all studies have been based on very simplified models of reality that have no practical application.

A realistic model of the problem, robust algorithms that are able to find valid solutions in highly restricted environments, and optimization methods that are able to quickly provide quality results are key factors to consider when attempting to solve this (real) problem faced by educational institutions.

The research performed by Bullet Solutions, which started in 2005 with a detailed identification and analysis of requirements, was used by the end of 2006 as the basis for the first version of the product Bullet TimeTabler Education, an automatic and optimized generator of timetables. This product has been improved and expanded over the years with contributions from several schools of higher education, evolving to the rebranded Bullet Education Scheduling and Timetabling (BEST).

Bullet Solutions is proudly an active member of the scientific community specialized in combinatorial optimization and operations research, with several research papers published, further elevating the company’s name as a reference on this community.

By working with Bullet Solutions you are taking advantage of an uncommon and innovative approach to the IT industry which provides the benefits of the 3 typical company profiles found there.

Our Scientific Papers


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Automatic timetabling in Higher Education Institutions: a real scenario and solution

BTTE – An automated timetabling software for Higher Education

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